Pooling strengths and using synergies

BBS Office GmbH was established in 1999 as a reliable and trustworthy service company offering computer courses, translations and informatics.
We work with specialists in each of these fields. The fact that we have pooled these sectors allows you, as the customer, to benefit from cost and time savings as well as information acquisition.
IT specialists deliver and install your new PC system while experienced course instructors teach you how to use it. Qualified web designers programme your new website and certified, native speaker translators translate your website into the required foreign languages.

Computer courses Translations Informatics
Thanks to small groups, our experienced and practically oriented course instructors can respond to the in­divi­dual requirements of each course participant in order to achieve the best possible learning effect. Most of the courses are held with as few as 2 persons. The varied offer for adults and special senior and children’s courses includes, for example, the modules Windows / Office / picture editing / websites and many more.
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BBS Office GmbH offers translations from and into German, French, Italian and English as well as many other language com­bina­tions. Our translator network comprises exclusively ex­peri­enced, qualified and native speaker translators that familiarise themselves carefully with your corporate ter­mino­logy and reliably comply with all deadlines.
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We will be happy to support you in all IT matters, whe­ther this concerns the new design or up-date of a web­site, pre­paring a data­base or in­stal­ling and sup­por­ting PCs and acces­sories. You will also find a large sele­ction in our online shop.
Our specia­lists will be pleased to help you!
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