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You will receive a discount of 10 % on all translations involving the language combination
German – French or French – German during the month of July!

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BBS Office GmbH offers professional translation services for companies and private individuals. We have qualified, experienced translators and proof-readers who translate exclusively into their native language. Apart from our in-house staff, we also have an entire network of certified translators in Switzerland and abroad, depending on the language combination and specialised field. Therefore, we are able to translate into nearly all languages and areas of expertise.

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We translate your texts from and into the four main languages German, French, Italian and English as well as in many other language combinations.

Subdivision in three language groups

Group 1Group 2Group 3

Many other European languages, i.e. Finnish, Croatian, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish, etc.

Arabic, Chinese and others



Qualified expert knowledge

No matter whether your translation needs concern a technical instruction manual, new accounting software or a special forestry report, a mailing in various languages, simple correspondence or a complete website: BBS Office GmbH is your expert partner! 


Depending on the language and field of specialisation, your texts are allocated to a correspondingly qualified native speaker translator. In order to guarantee a standard terminology and a consistent translation style, we always allocate your translations to the same translator. 

Each translation is always - provided that nothing else has been agreed upon – checked by a second qualified specialist in accordance with the principle of dual control.


Court-sworn translators are used for any certificates and documents that need to be certified.

Law & EconomyTechnology & Applied scienceAdvertising & CommunicationOthers

Banking and insurance

Civil, inheritance, economic and criminal law


Finances and asset management


Real estate




Electrical engineering


Industrial and chemical plants


Machine construction




Advertising and PR texts



Publishing and press


Certified documents

General correspondence




Cost transparency
Our price structure is based on the number of characters of your source text, which can be accurately calculated in advance. Therefore, when you receive our quote, you will know exactly what to expect.

We use modern CAT technology: text repetitions are automatically identified and calculated at a reduced rate. Thanks to the CAT terminology administration, the translator can establish a unique database of specialised terminology for your company that he or she can use for each new translation.


The standard rates can be found in the general price list. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer for the translation of your texts. To do so, we need your source text, the target language and the desired date of delivery. Please contact us.



We recommend Lost in Translation for interpretation assignments > contact us for further information!

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